January 18, 2022


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OPENNET Cambodia is one of the leading internet service providers in Cambodia. Established in 2012, OPENNET found a big opportunity as more and more Cambodian people are accessible to the internet. 3G and 4G have just been introduced to Cambodia in the recent years but the demand of the internet users are beyond of these. ADSL and Fiber Optic are the main products in which more and more people start using especially for business communication purposes.

OPENNET has been serving customers with the premium quality of internet solutions. Customers experience the products that meet their needs and expectations while the price is set according to the affordability of medium and high income family. OPENNET is very committed to provide the high speed internet in responding to the recent development of technologies in Cambodia. OPENNET has been providing the customers the new experience which they can utilize the packages offered with joyful.

OPENNET is also very committed to deliver the products of internet solutions for the business purposes. FTTH which is called “Fiber to The Home” works faster than ADSL.

OPENNET undertakes the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual customer home and business. This package is very suitable for small and medium businesses. The customers can enjoy with the unlimited offer of the internet 24 hours per 7 days. If there is any internet connection problem happens, just call our team, they will get it fixed for you at the appropriate time with the fastest manner.

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Home Package 10Mbps up 12Mbps $16/month

FTTH (Fiber Optic For Home) and FTTH (Fiber Optic For Shop)

FTTH (Fiber Optic For Home And Business)

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