Distance Learning Centre Over 25 years

Distance Learning Centre: has been providing Access to Higher Education courses for over 25 years, helping tens of thousands of students to achieve their goals and transform their careers.

We also provide GCSEs, and Functional Skills Courses, plus Advanced British International Diplomas aimed at non-UK residents, which create an afforable alternative route into UK Universities.

Leading the Field Since 1993

Distance Learning Centre was set up in 1993 by an experienced group of teachers and lecturers who were dedicated to distance learning. We felt that many people would like to study, but were unable to attend regular classes. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to access excellent, flexible learning from home. Distance Learning Centre

Distance Learning Centre
Distance Learning Centre

In particular, we wanted people who didn’t have a great experience at school to have the chance to study at university. So we have specialized in the Access to Higher Education (Access to HE) Diploma, which is specifically designed to prepare people without traditional qualifications for study at university. We have now expanded into Advanced British International Diplomas which make the same opportunities available to non-UK residents.

We also offer GCSEs, Functional Skills and Level 2 Awards to enable people to catch up on English, Maths and Sciences. Distance Learning Centre

Today, we are the leading online college for access to UK Universities. Each year our successful students achieve much more than they ever thought possible – and go on to study at dozens of universities across the UK.

Maintaining The Highest Standards

We have a strong reputation going back years
Our expertise and efficiency, and our positive relationships with staff, students, awarding bodies and universities, have earned us a reputation for professionalism, reliability and quality. Which is great for our students. Distance Learning Centre

We are signed up to QAA’s Academic Integrity Charter which exists to protect and promote academic integrity, and take action against academic misconduct.

Our success is reflected in:

  • The success of our students. Our students have gone on to study at over 120 universities across the UK. In 2021, more than 1500 students were awarded an Access to HE Diploma.
  • Positive feedback from students. 94% of students rated their studies with us as very good or excellent, and would recommend our courses to friends and family.
  • Consistently high quality standards. We receive excellent Moderation Reports from our awarding bodies, and have been held up as an example of best practice at the QAA conference to celebrate 20 years of Access to Higher Education.
  • Strong relationships with universities. Some universities specifically recommend us as the best place to study Diplomas by distance learning. Many universities are keen to take applicants who have studied with us. They know that our students are self-motivated, disciplined students who have already mastered the skills needed for independent study at university level.

Providing Excellent Courses For The Best Prices We Can

We are not ‘trying to make a quick buck’

We are true to the aims we had right from the start, to provide affordable courses to people who are unable to study at traditional local colleges or would prefer the flexibility of online study.

Most of our students have complex lives and have to juggle aspects such as jobs, family commitments, care needs etc. along with their course.

We always keep our prices as low as we can manage as it is the success of our students which primarily motivates us. We also make our fees and study flexible so they can adapt to our students’ changing circumstances. Distance Learning Centre

We do not emply cheap sales gimmicks, we just provide great value, consistently.

Treading & Respecting Our Tutors As Professionals

Our tutors are all highly qualified subject-specialist teachers, and also very supportive

Our tutors are chosen for their expert subject knowledge and qualifications, and for their skills in supporting and motivating adults who may have been out of education for some time.

Tutors at DistanceLearningCentre.com are directly employed by us (unlike other providers, who often work with freelance or short-term staff). They have at least a first Degree in their specialist subject, as well as a teaching qualification and experience in adult education.

A friendly, encouraging approach

Our tutors understand the challenges – and rewards – of distance learning. They know how to provide clear structure and supportive guidance by phone and email to students who may need to develop their confidence and motivation, and who are juggling to fit their studies into busy lives.

And because we specialise in courses to give you access to University, all of our tutors know how to help you acquire the knowledge and skills (as well as the grades!) that will help you succeed at university level.

95% of students rate our tutor support as good or excellent.

Providing Fully Accredited Courses

Diplomas from recognised Awarding Bodies

Our Access to HE Diplomas, Advanced British International Diplomas, Functional Skills and Level 2 Award Courses are fully accredited by recognised awarding bodies. Access to HE Diplomas are also regulated by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

Our awarding bodies are Ascentis and Open Awards, who provide Certification for our courses, ensuring that they achieve relevant learning outcomes and quality standards, as well as consistent and fair assessment, grading and marking by our tutors. Distance Learning Centre

As an approved centre for Ascentis and Open Awards, our courses are accepted by almost all Higher Education Institutions (such as universities, teacher training colleges and nurse training schools) across the UK. Distance Learning Centre

GCSEs from recognised exam boards

Our current examination boards for IGCSE and GCSE courses are AQA and Edexcel, which are both fully recognised by OFQUAL, the official regulator for GCSE qualifications and exams.

Students book their own exams at recognised exam centres for the relevant examining body, which then awards their grades and certificates. Distance Learning Centre

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