My best friend stole my boyfriend

My best friend stole my boyfriend: Aside from the fact that this is my favourite art style, I also love how everyone in this art style lives in the same universe and are all somehow connected, whether they are family members, friends or are just background characters in each other’s stories.

My best friend stole my boyfriend

I really hope that when MSA reaches another milestone, they create a big story with all our favourite characters in this art style in one. I’d love to see characters from different stories interact with each other, especially Athena, Scott and Axel who are all part of the same nerd club, but are from three different stories. That project will probably take months but I would pay to see it.

For those who are curious, here’s a list of related characters: (At least those I know of)

• Marcus and Derek are brothers
• Scott, Athena and Axel are all part of the same club
• Iris/Siri and Lucas are siblings
• Brad (1:35) is the mc of another story
• Ross (13:45) is a love interest in another story
• 1:30 kinda looks like Aura (not sure tho)

Besides them, I’d also love to see the second love interests (Lucas, Andre, Eric, Jake, Ann, etc.) get their own story and their own happily ever after. My best friend

There’s just so much I want to say about this channel. I love their stories so much! I just wish their titles and thumbnails would become more accurate though so it’s easier to find them.

Anyway we love and support you MSA team ❤️ We appreciate all the time and effort you put into these videos, not just for this art style but all your videos too. My best friend

My best friend stole my boyfriend

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