My Story Animated: Everyone Calls Me Rapunzel

My Story Animated: Everyone Calls Me Rapunzel

My Story Animated: Everyone Calls Me Rapunzel, It’s nice of MSA to be able to post everyday and we really appreciate it☺️But the stories are getting kind of a one way theme (don’t get me wrong I love their stories) Their stories are always based on mean girls, crushes, strict parents, rich and poor families and achieving success.

But if you look around there are more things to be touched about like disabilities, teenage pregnancy, poverty,teen life,etc. These stories could be posted an makes it more relatable with our everyday lives. If MSA also don’t like to post those themes, there could also be an animated series on MSA. But hey it’s their channel and they could post anything of their choice. But it could also be cool if they consider my opinions😃

Petition for this causes one like you could also suggest your ideas in the comments😚😀

Mitalie Solanki

This yet an amazing story from MSA and again tons of easter eggs and characters from old videos. Sometimes seeing these old characters make me feel like this is a whole different world for this art style making all stories connecting to one another so seamlessly.

The brought us a new concept of showing MSA characters as actors working in movies showing us as videos and I loved this concept, and not only this they try to connect old characters in many different ways in the new movies for instance at 6:30 Athena as a tree and we all know that Athena played tree in her video with the billionaire boys, also at 1:49 we can see Valentina as Isabel and Amanda as Demelza from the video of the 2 sisters telling us that this video was a movie in MSA’s world and Valentina and Amanda have their own videos telling about their life stories.

And we can also see them as actors with Tina for her first gig at 10:42. Also we can see Juliette/Jessica as a model that she is at the billboard at 1:49 and we can see her again at 7:48 with her GF Asheley and someone else who seems to be Pearl to me because she was no less then a model.

And we can also see Hunter and Hazel on a date at the coffee shop at 1:37 and we also see the the cutest couple for me Terrence and Blair at 6:19 on the bulletin board, I wish they were on the same poster and finally we can see Isabel the no. 1 cheerleader at 6:27.
This all feels like a whole other universe with so many characters, so many stories connecting each other so nicely making me fall in love with them more. Thank you so much MSA .
I have so many stories like this in my mind, I wish I could share them with you.

My Story Animated: Everyone Calls Me Rapunzel
My Story Animated: Everyone Calls Me Rapunzel

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