My Story Animated: My sister treats me like I’m adopted

My sister treats me like I’m adopted

Very good job fellows!! Congratulations.

My sister treats me like I’m adopted: It’s nice to have a step family story that’s not all about forcing a step family dynamic like the other stories and calling the character in the wrong just for not accepting it. I’m amazed Brenda did not get consequences for basically nearly crippling her sister.

She is just too nice. She says she can still live with the same person that made her legs gone for a month thats just top level stupidity next thing you know she will forgive her after Lily tries to stab her to death. And she actually thinks that Lily will apologize lol.

If I was her, I wouldn’t put myself in unnecessary trouble I would just mind my business and I wouldn’t talk to Brenda or Lily it would make my life so much easier. Also I think all the things she already said was enough there wasn’t really a reason to say she joined a gang there is so many other things to say about her. And how would the dad even know that she isn’t in a gang? Unless he stalks Lily and Brenda everyday there is literally no way for him to find out.

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