Who You Think is More Scary Me or Them

who you think is more scary me or them: In a way, I can understand why Vinny was angry and annoyed with winter. I mean all her life, she had basically been winter’s babysitter and protector, but sometimes enough is enough. Winter needs to take care of herself. But in the end, I’m glad Vinny still cares about her sister.

Can we just all appreciate all the time and effort MSA takes to make all of these videos.
Not only creating the story plot, animations, editing, crazy twists, and voiceovers, MSA really is more awesome than you think.

It’s absolutely incredible how MSA mages to do this and post from day to day.
MSA creates so many unique art styles and many morals that we all should think about and recognize how AWESOME MSA is!

Who You Think is More Scary Me or Them

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